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At the end of the 19th century August Eeckhout, born in Wevelgem Belgium, settles in Leisele, a little village near the coast of Belgium.


The family had survived the First World War in horrendous conditions near “de Ijzer”, a well known river which played a big role throughout the war.


August’s son Michel Eeckhout (2nd generation) follows in his footsteps and becomes the next butcher in the village. The animals are slaughtered and cut up right there in the shop. Luxury was not yet a commodity and everything was focused on true butcher craftsmanship.


Fernand Eeckhout (third generation), learned the trade at an early age. At the age of 16 he went to slaughter his first pig at a nearby farm, a sow weighing in at 200 kilos, an absolute monster he called it.

Fernand couldn’t resist the call of the upcoming coastal tourism and he and his wife Lucienne decided, at the early age of 19, to start their own shop in Coxyde. Butcher shop Fernand became a thriving and well known establishment in the young coastal town of Coxyde. “Sausages and minced meat are our speciality” became their slogan.


Their daughter Michèle (4th generation) went to college in the far off Leuven, It was there that she met her future husband Rik Debouver. Both of them graduated as economists, It was Rik, born a West Flemish farmer's son, who convinced his wife to take over the shop of her parents. Driven as they were they build upon the already successful story of the shop. A completely new shop at a new location in Coxyde followed. The shop has been renewed multiple times, each time making sure it is kept up-to-date and evolving along with new trends in the trade. it up to date and letting it evolve as does the trade and is still renowned in the area. Fresh meat however never got lost out of sight. “Irish Black Angus” and “La vache Flamande” proudly reside in our counter. The search for top quality products never comes to an end and the dry-aging technique was introduced and so “Holstein”, “Simmental” and “Rubia Gallega” were added to our selection.



At the age of 20 their son Jef (5th generation) went out to explore the world. His journey brings him to Australia where he gets a job at Chudleigh park cattle station. The station is 182.000 acres large and has over 30.000 animals. Working as a cowboy from dawn till dusk, he drives cattle, brands and generally takes care of them. The ranch is days ride away from civilisation or what passes for civilisation.a quick trip to the supermarket is not an option. There is however an abundance of steak.Steak for breakfast, lunch dinner and everything in between. It was here that he learned what free range meat means. This meat is almost like game if you will. Full of flavour, juicy and healthy.

Once back in Belgium he lets this amazing experience sink in.


He returns to his father’s shop where he had worked from the age of 15. A youth spent in his fathers' shop, his grand Australian adventure, the introduction to the awesome possibilities of the internet, all this combined into the foundation of Gustor Meat Boutique. The name Gustor refers to August who started our story. The combined knowledge of 5 generations of craftsmanship guarantees superior quality meat.

Based within the parental shop a new project is born, one of the first Belgian online butcher shops that deliver at home in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.