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Black Angus dry aged Ireland

Carefully dry-aged for more flavour. And the winner is...Ireland? Scotland? Australia? No matter what choice you make, with Black Angus you’ll always pick a winner. The origin of Angus beef lies in Scotland but in the meanwhile this success story has conquered all continents. We offer you top quality meat of all origins, going from free-range to 120 days grain fed. Why not organise a beef-tasting and let your guests decide what they like best?


Product # persons price Do you have a question   
Cote à l’os 400gr 1
Cote à l’os 600gr 2
Cote à l’os 1kg 3-4
Sirloin 300gr 1-2
Sirloin 400gr 2
Sirloin 500gr 2-3
Sirloin 750gr 3-4
Sirloin 1kg 4-5