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BBQ assortment "PREMIUM" 100% dry-aged

A selection of 4 exceptional dry aged cuts. The best of what Gustor has to offer

- cote à l'os Aubrac: the taste of the central massif on a plate

-cote à l'os Holstein Premium Austria: How a little milk factory turns into an excuisit steak

-cote à l'os Black Angus Ireland: no explanation needed, a great classic

-cote à l'os Rubia Gallega Roxa Douro: A taste explosion

Ca 500gr p.p (contains bone!)

+ 1 jar of steakmarinade 'Gustor'

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4pers - ca 2kg 4
6pers - ca 3kg 6
8pers - ca 4kg 8
10pers - ca 5kg 10