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Delivery & Packaging



 Order can take place until 11 am the day before. 


 Our delivery service offers a track and trace number to follow your order.


Your order will be sent by express mail, which means our delivery service guarantees delivery before 18h00 In Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.



Gustor Meat Boutique guarantees a "not happy get a refund" concerning the delivery of the goods.This guarantee is only valid untill the first attempt at delivery by our driver. 

You will receive an email containing the track and trace code the day before your delivery is due.
At this time , please don't change the delivery-adress anymore, because your delivery will be moved back one or multiple days which must be avoided at all times.
You can choose to have it delivered at home, at work and even at your holidayadress. It goes without saying that you need to be at home on the day of delivery.

Please use, while ordering, the same name as is mentioned on your doorbell.




Your meat is packaged in an insulating box especially designed by us for this kind of transport. Inside the box cooling elements are added to ensure the meat stays cooled perfectly during transport. The non-toxic and suitable to be used with food (EU-certified) cooling elements can be re-used. These cooling elements can be re-frozen and if the box is sealed you can still use these to perserve your meat. This all adds to our environment friendly nature. If you do choose to throw out the box it can be perfectly recycled. We send our meat vacuum-sealed which means the hygene and safety of your package is ensured during transportation. The combination of cooling and insulation means your meat remains in a perfect conditon throughout transportation.




The content of this site is linked to a stock system. Our stock gets replenished constantly and on some occasions you'll notice some products are only available at a later date. If you select one of these products your entire order will be moved to that date.


Cooled shipping charges

Your order Benelux France
Orders untill 100 € € 9 € 15
Orders over 100 € Free of charge  Free of Charge 

Why this shipping charches?

  • we deliver all our meat cooled and "fresh" not "frozen". We have to take many measures to do this in a safe way.
  • Should we ship our meat in a "normal" way, 95% would be delivered within 24h. However 95% is not enough for Gustor. We go for 100%. That's why we ship all our goods by express/guarantee. This is pricy but our exceptional meat deserves this exceptional treatment.


All of our products (unless otherwise mentioned on the site or the packaging) are sent to you FRESH not frozen, none of our products have been frozen on beforehand.

The vacuumsealing guarantees a total freshness of at least 10 days after receiving if stored at a temperature below 7°c.

You can put the products in the freezer to preserve for at least 6 months.

Poultry can be stored for at least 4 days at a temperature below 4°c.

Special mention concerning smell, colour and taste. All of our products are topquality, mostly aged meat, full of flavour. In case this is your first experience with these kinds of products you will notice that all of these items have a very specific smell and can have a kind of brown aged colour. This however is perfectly normal, comparable to a great wine this product can not have an exquisite taste without a pronounced smell and in the same way will the colour of the wine evolve with age.


All given weight measurements on Gustor Meat Boutiques website are estimates as to make a payment in advance possible. We ensure that the deliverd weight will never be less then 95 percent of the given weight. In case the delivered weight surpasses the given weight the buyer will NOT have to pay extra. The TOTAL weight of the TOTAL order will be checked and in case the weight is less then 95 percent Gustor Meat Boutique foresees a cash repayment incuded in the delivered box.


The calculation will be made as followed: (estimated weight- actual weight) x averge price per kilo of the products.


Changing or cancelling your order

We at Gustor only use the finest quality of products and we treat them with the deserved respect. They are the result of tons of dedication, crafstmanship and hard work. Every piece of meat is cut and packaged especially for you. Once this process is finished it's really not ideal to cancell or change your order. If there should be a problem, you can always contact our customer service, we will do our utmost to satisfy your needs.