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Gustor meatboutique offers you a selected range of Premium brands concerning meat products.

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rubia gallega

Rubia Gallega

Fancy a date with a Spanish brunette?

This one is in a class of it's own. According to some this breed is only suitable for connaisseurs, but to become a connaisseur one has to start with trying. The salty plains along the Atlantic coast of Galicia, the robustness of the Rubia breed, the very ecological way of breeding and it's long ageing are responsible for the culinairy qualities of this meat. Let's sum up: a perfume of foie gras, deep full flavours of butter, herbs and nuts and an above average concentration of intermuscular fat..

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bijzonder mals én topsmaak
voor liefhebbers van echte lamssmaak. Perfect voor vele bereidingen; ik maakte er al bijzonder lekkere navarin en giouvetsi mee.
Pata Negra filet pure
Niet zo maar filet pure, dit vlees is zeer lekker.
De bistecca fiorentina was fantastisch. Mooi stuk vlees met ideale smaakt. Gaan we zeker nog eens bestellen
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