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Black Angus

The Black Angus breed came into existence by cross-breeding old Celtic breeds with species imported by the Northmen. It was first bred in Aberdeenshire and was accordingly called “Aberdeen”.
The Angus cows adapt easily to their environment pretty much everywhere. They give birth without any problems and this makes them very suitable for extensive cultivation.
For months they care for themselves on the Scottish pastures, on the endless green Irish grass fields, on those immensely vast American prairies or in the unspoilt bush of the Australian East Coast, this without any interference of man.
Proud, royal and pitch-black, they have very few demands of their environment. They are genuine grass-eaters. The quality of the grass in their biotope will define the taste and fat marbling in your steak.

Scottish Angus
The rough climate in the Scottish Highlands results in a typical flora. Here the coarse pastures grow very resistent grasses and herbs. The Angus cows have to wander about every day in order to scratch together their daily nourishment. This results in a very well blooded muscle mass. Scottish Angus is crimson red, with a nice fat marbling that melts when fried and has a very powerful old-fashioned taste. This meat will be perfect when aged on the bone for several weeks.

Irish Angus
Endless green plains with an abondance of lush grass, it's here that the Angus cow really feels at home. Only during the roughest winter days the cows are stabled and only then will they eat crude feeding. Here we have the real grass fed Angus beef. Perfect for the amateur of Free range Meat : beautifully marbled, a powerful taste, nature on your plate;

USDA Prime
For a period of 15 months cows walk freely about on the immense plains of the American MidWest.
The stressless environment and the abondance of grass are the first keys to success. After this baptism in nature cows are stabled at the ranch. There they are fed a balanced diet of grains and corn and this under the severe control of the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). This manner of raising adds up to a completely different result as to Ireland or Scotland, regarding to taste and marbling. We pick out only Prime quality meat that is highly marbled and has the appearance of a nice Wagyu. The USDA Prime Rib has a unique taste, is incredibly tender and marvellously juicy.

Australian Black Aberdeen
This story has great resemblance to the one of USDA Prime, but to us it carries a special meaning.
The youngest generation of our company participated in it himself! Jef was employed as “Cattle Hand” on Chudleigh Park Station at Hughenden, Queensland Australia and to him this remains a very unique and instructive life-experience.
Every day from “dawn till dusk”, Jef worked on the ranch that has 182.000 acres and is a days ride away from civilization .
Here he discovered firsthand what free range means.The cows walk about freely in“ the Bush”: a very rough area with fields of grass, bushes and swamps. In order to trace them and round them up, helicopters fly over the area and like genuine cowboys the cattle hands on the ground drive the cattle together with combined force.
Like in the US the animals are selected out of the vast group after a period of 15 months. They are brought to the main ranch where they are kept to a diet of 100% GMOfree grains; This grain fed meat is very tender, beautifully marbled with fat, very tasteful and healthy.
(GMO= genetically modified organism)