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Iberico - Pata Negra Premium

We go to the Spanish region Castilla y Leòn. There, in the little town of Guijuelo, the Nieto family breeds 100% racepure Pata Negra Iberico porcs. They do so since World War II.This authentic family business guarantees us the quality called “Premium”.
The Iberico Porc is a domestic breed with Mediterranean roots going back 2000 years old. The names “Cerdo Iberico” and “Pata Negra” are protected and the breeding technique is monitored by the Spanish authorities.
The breeding process is very extensive, the pigs wander about freely and look for food themselves. Their nourishment consists of acorns, mushrooms, berries, roots and herbs. The daily quest for all those sweets results in a constant moving about in the vast natural territories they inhabit.
The absolute climax in the life of the Iberico pig is situated at the “Montanera”. That's the season in which the acorns (bellota) fall from the trees. During fall and the first months of winter the Iberico pig will enjoy this delicacy in abondance This is where the Iberico pig gets its sublime, full and slightly nutty taste. Sometimes it 's subtle, at other times it's more strongly marbled and melts in your mouth.
You are probably familiar with the Pata Negra by its famous dried hams. But now the fresh meat is also available. Because of the way of breeding this first-class product fits into a healthy and balanced nutritional diet. It's rich in mono and multiple unsaturated fats, minerals and vitamin B.
The Nieto brothers provide us with the absolute Premium quality of this superior Spanish classic.