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Simmental Austria

The pedigree of the Simmental goes back to the Middle Ages. Many well known European beef breeds originate from them : the French Montbéliarde, the Italian Razzeta d’Oropa and the German Fleckvieh are a few examples.

Nowadays you can find The Simmental just about everywhere in Europe and America, but we at Gustor exclusively offer the original Austrian variety. Here at it’s true terroir its many qualities are best valued.

Only during the months of winter the Simmental cows are stabled. During the rest of the year you can find them on the flanks of the Alps up to 2000 metres high. During their height training they feed themselves with grasses and Alp spices that grow wildly. This extensive way of production ensures a most tasteful milk that is appropriate to manufacture exquisite cheeses, e.g. the very well known Gruyère AOC and Emmenthal cheese.

Not only is this breed well known for its “qualités fromagères”, also the particular way of living of the cows assures a superior meat quality. We only sell meat of those cows who gave birth several times and therefore enjoyed this “mountain regime” for multiple years. The end result you can already guess;. It’s a natural meat with a delicate structure, nicely marbled with a soft taste full of character. We age the Simmental Rib during that period of time that is most suitable in order to serve you a fantastic piece of meat.