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La Normande

The Norman cow is mainly breeded for her milk. Her very tasteful milk, rich in proteins is praised all around. “La crème et le beurre d’Isigny”, but also cheese like Camembert, Livarot and Pont-l-Eveque are the tasteful results of that particular milk.

The cows are colourful and depending on the dominating colour they are called Caille (white), Blonde(maroon), Bringé(nearly black).

Because the animals adapt to all circumstances and are easy to handle, the breed was spread all over the world, going as far as South- America.

The meat of the Norman cow selected by us originates from the region of the Mont St-Michel. It is only there that the animals graze on brackish pastures that are inundated by the tides. It’s quite an exclusive product and we are submitted to very irregular supply. Besides those well-known dairy products la “Vache Normande” is supplier of juicy presalted meat with a flavour of butter and nuts, crimson-coloured and delicately marbled. At the “Concours de la meilleure Viande” staged by Gault & Millau, this Norman meat was distinguished as “primus”.

Together with our Norman farmers we hope that soon there will be an AOC (Apellation d’Origine Contrôlée) in order to protect this exclusive product of their terroir.