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It's clear that Chianina beef triggers the imagination. The oldest race in the world has stunning looks: it's actually more than 2 metres tall (the tallest breed on earth) and has a pearl-white fur on a dark skin.

The Etruscs used them to work the fields but they also served as a ritual offer to the gods. Many centuries later the cultivation of this beef is still one of the most valued traditions in Tuscany.
Breeders in the valley of Valdichiana united in order to protect the traditional ways of breeding Chianina beef. This even led to a ministerial resolution pointing out three breeding farms that must preserve the race on a genetic level. The pedigree data of each cow are kept in the “libro genetico” with an accuracy greater than that of the average Italian.

The Chianina race is slow growing and the traditional breeding style only wants to produce superior steaks. The veals are born having a pale brown fur, the characteristic pearl-white colour appears after four months. Their menu consists of a mixture of wheat, corn , barley and straw. Everything is organised so that the cows experience as little stress as possible. The Tuscan breeders claim that they nurture the cows as they would their own children.

What does this traditional almost folklore like way of breeding culminate to?
A Chianina steak is low in fat and cholesterol, rich in iron and vitamin B, has a unique spiced taste and is extremely tender.
Could this be reason enough to get yourself some Chianina steak or would you dare to try a “Bistecca alla Fiorentina”: the Chianina recipe par exéllence?
Not an easy choice wouldn’t you say?


Bistecca alla Fiorentina:

Rub your Chianina steak with olive oil and fry it briefly on both sides. The meat is not served rosé but downright bloody, sprinkle your steak with coarse sea salt, freshly ground pepper and again give it a rub with olive oil. A real Tuscan will eat his steak accompanied by some lemon slices and a few leaves of lettuce. This ancient and simple recipe is a fantastic ode to the pure taste of Chianina.
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