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Carne De Ternera Gallega - Veal from Galicia

Only 500 tons are produced yearly of this exceptional veal. These Rubia Gallega calves get a preferential treatment. The calves stay with their mother and roam freely on the salty plains of Galicia. This translates into a extraordinary flavour and very natural meat. Veal the way it always should be.

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1 Veal Chop - 600gr 2-3
1 Veal Chop - 2kg 6-8
1 Veal Chop - 1kg 3-4
Entrecote, no bone 400gr 1-2
Entrecote, no bone 600gr 2-3
Entrecote, no bone 800gr 4
Entrecote, no bone 1kg 5