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Belgian Blue

The Belgian White-Blue originates in the beginning of 19th century Belgium from crossbreeding between Shorthorns imported by the government in 1845, the Charolais breed and some local breeds from the Ardennes.

After 2 centuries of refining the Belgian White-Blue has become the pre-eminent breed.The animals have a impressive muscle mass with very delicate fibres. The meat is very tender but we cannot deny that over the years of intensive industrial breeding a lot of the meat on the market has become tasteless.

Our animals however have no such problems. They are traditionally bred in the West-Flemish lowlands between West-Flanders and North France. On these farms only the best female calves are kept for breeding For years they roam fields with an abundance of tender grasses and it’s there they will have at least 2 calves.
This way of breeding results in meat with personality, tender yet bursting with flavour.

After the cow has been butchered, we leave the carcass to hang in a fridge. We let the cote de boeuf age for an additional 2 weeks. All of this with one purpose in mind, to offer you a a premium quality product from our region.