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Crocodile tail steak.

Heerlijke steaks van krokodillenstaart

How do you think crocodil tastes like?

Surprisingly much like chicken or turkey. Crocodile meat is also just as lean and low in cholesterol. The meat is a delicacy and can be used in almost all poultry recipes. Another culinary tip: crocodile meat can be prepared quickly and is therefore ideal for the barbecue or grill.

Crocodiles are farmed for their meat and skin in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Thailand and Australia. The animals are slaughtered when two years old, when their meat is exceptionally tender and succulent.

proteins (%) 21,5
fat (%) 0,8
cholesterol (mg/100gr.) 65-75
energy (kJ/100gr.) 410

This product can be deliverred fresh or frozen, upon availability.

1 Crocodile tail steak 200gr.